is an interactive narrative game with point and click elements set in 1999.


A mysterious virus, called ‘The Love Bug’, has caused mass panic across the country. 


You play as Yun, an up and coming photographer, struggling to maintain his life and relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Chitra.

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  • Genre: Interactive Narrative Game,
    Point & Click, Thriller, Tragedy

  • Platform: PC & Mac

  • Stores: Steam,

  • Developed in Unity

  • WARNING: Nudity, Strong Language, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol and Drugs, Mentions of Suicide, Blood, Gore


Our Collaborators

Micehell WD

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Art Director and artist of Fires at Midnight.

Hello Universe

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Audio studio for Fires at Midnight.


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Featured band for Fires at Midnight.

Golden Mammoth

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Featured band for Fires at Midnight.


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