Zombies and Malaysian Musicians feat mutesite, Mei Linn & Golden Mammoth

Updated: May 1, 2020

Talking about the empty KL roads and how apocalyptic things look is quickly becoming a cliche and naturally, when such discussions arise, we can’t help ourselves and wonder, what if we’re in a zombie-infested world? Our musicians (part 1) are back! And now, we’re gonna play a little zombie-scenario game with them, let’s see how they hold up!

PT: Welcome back, everyone! Do tell us 5 things that you would panic buy at the supermarket, in order of importance, while these creepy slow-moving brain munchers lurk around.

Anthony: Canned food, a knife, bottled water, string and a lighter. Jolynn: Instant noodles, butter, eggs, Campbell soup, canned tuna.

Purnama: An axe, some potatoes, fruits (so i can plant them) canned food and solar-powered generator. owh ya! I love potatoes.

Teoh: Mana ada kentang dalam tu. Mei Lin: Probably follow the person who seems to know and buy the same things.

Syabil: Knife, rice, eggs, petroleum and a box of matches.

PT: Name one person that you want to bring with you to survive this and why?

Anthony: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, he can fight off zombies and he’s always asking if we smell what he’s cooking, so I think he cooks really well. Jolynn: Anthony. Cuz he’s a great homemaker fuhrealz. Purnama: My mom. Cos I love her. I'm a mama's boy. Teoh: No one. Mei Lin: My friend Anne, who has great humour, imagination and resources. Syabil: My best bud Ishmael (frontman of Capt’n Trips and the Kid) because I know he's capable of surviving anywhere and dude’s got balls. I won’t bring anyone who’s more important than him because I’d just be devastated if I lost them in the battlefield. PT: You must bring an animal companion as well, what would it be?

Anthony: A Golden Retriever. Just for the company and maybe hunting.

Jolynn: A horse. It’s like a car. It transports humans and heavy loads. It feeds on the easiest thing you can find anywhere—grass.

Chacha, Vanya and Ames

Anthony & Jolynn's animal companions

Purnama: A German Shepherd. This is so I am Legend. Teoh: None. PT: Now you are in a dire situation and only one can survive. Choose between the person you brought along or your animal companion.

Anthony: I’d choose the person to ensure my survival. I’m sorry, Goldie :( Jolynn: As much as I love animals more than humans, I have to say I’ll keep the human. I need a functioning brain when my ‘lady aches’ arrive. Purnama: Bye Sam.

Mei Lin: Anne.

Syabil: Damn, WHY? If I ever had to decide, it would be to keep the human and not the dog so I have a companion that I can discuss strategies to end the nightmare. PT: After going scavenging in a hardware store, there's a TV and radio left. Which do you take with you?

Anthony: Radio, the TV would just distract me and I’d die from not paying attention to the zombies. I’d use the radio as a distraction in case we get attacked.

Jolynn: Radio. Maybe one day, I’ll know how to rewire one into a transmitter. You know, like how they do in movies, to call for help. Purnama & Teoh: Radio. Mei Lin: Neither.

Syabil: Radio, of course. I’m pretty sure I’ll be bringing my CD’s and an AUX cable everywhere. Turn that stereo up because we might as well party with the zombies. No time to be scared or depressed.

"I’ll be bringing my CD’s and an AUX cable everywhere"

Syabil Alyahya

PT: A small group of zombies managed to sneak up behind you. You took too long to decide and your animal companion is bitten. What do you do?

Anthony: I’d run, seeing as there’s no hope in saving my animal companion. Jolynn: Run! Hopefully far enough for the horse not to catch up. Purnama: Run. Teoh: Didn’t animal. Syabil: I have petroleum and matches. Burn those zombies till they scream and bury my dog with sadness flowing all through my veins. Just like in the movies. PT: If you are somehow still alive, where do you head to next? KLCC or Kellie's Castle? You get to bring a musical instrument along with you.

Anthony: KLCC, more supplies, camera surveillance, and Aquaria. Jolynn: KLCC. Best spot for supplies. What’s in Kellie’s Castle? Purnama: Kellie's Castle is in Perak. And I heard it's haunted. Now I have to worry about ghosts... Nope! Based on disqualification. KLCC

Teoh: Kellie’s Castle. Close to home.

Mei Lin: Kellie’s Castle and I’ll bring my piano.

Syabil: Kellie’s Castle. The safest place to be if a zombie apocalypse ever happens. PT: You've reached your destination and you see the sun setting over the depressing horizon. What do you do?

Anthony: Setup a fire shield with my mini lighter and other supplies. Prepare for WAVE 2. Jolynn: Okay. Now I regret not taking the TV just now… Purnama: Make a fire out of my drums. Obviously I can't play that anymore. Teoh: Hide.

Mei Lin: Enjoy the evening.

A magical evening with Mei Lin

Images courtesy of Cheryl J Hoffmann

Syabil: Smile, reminisce and meditate. Always be grateful to be alive no matter how depressing the surrounding is.


PT: What do you zombie fanatics think? Will they survive? What would you do? As a surprise, our resident (@personatheory) artist Michell (@Micehellwd) is kind enough to share a sketch based on our interview! Thanks Micehell! And thanks, mutesite, Mei Lin and Syabil for indulging us .

Last Stand feat mutesite, Golden Mammoth and Mei Lin

Illustration by Micehellwd

Selamat jalan! from us at Persona Theory Games. Stay Home!

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